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Premium memberships get you access to live rehersals and studio time with artists. Ever wonder what it is like when they are in creative mode? Small group and private show prices are set by the artist, not Fan2Stage..

While there is a premium version without ads, most of the live streams are free and you get to be a part of the live audience. If you like the show you can rate and tip at the end, and that is your choice.

Many Live Streams are Free

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Introducing Fan2Stage Live Fan App, your ticket to being a part of the live audience that streamers can hear. Take control of the applause and become an integral part of the show with just a tap.

Don't miss the ulitmate live fan experience for live streamed shows. Download the Live Fan ® App on your favorite app store and be a part of the live audience today.

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Is your favorite podcaster looking for a live audience? DM them and let them know you are on the Fan2Stage Live Fan App and want to be a part of their live audience!

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