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Introducing Fan2Stage Onstage Live, the virtual audience platform designed for musicians and live streaming performers. Connect with your audience like never before and take your performances to new heights.

Engage with your fans in real-time and create memorable experiences with Fan2Stage Onstage Live. Build a loyal fan base and turn casual listeners into dedicated supporters.

Join a vibrant community of artists, musicians, and performers on Fan2Stage Onstage Live. Collaborate, share insights, and grow your network within the music industry.

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Fan2Stage let me host from anywhere in the world and stay connected to our fans

Scott Bourquin

Founder and CoolToys TV Host

Experience the excitement of hosting live events and hearing the roar of a real live audience with Fan2Stage OnStage Live. Our virtual audience server brings the energy of a live event to your fingertips.

Engage a Live Audience - Virtually


Engage and Build a Live Fan Base - Virtually

Only OnStage by Fan2Stage puts the power of the audience in the audience.

Live Events With Live Fans
Elevate Your Energy

Fun Fact - Live performers perform better when they can hear and feel the roar of the crowd


Fan2Stage gives you another method to promote and find fans that like what you do.

Other systems have chat boxes and small little emoticons you need to focus on that distract from the show.

Focus On The Show
Elevate Their Energy

With a very simple setup your fans can hear the audience as part of your show. They feel more connected too.


With Fan2Stage you can sell tickets to shows or get tips at the end of the show.


Scott Bourquin

iHost of CoolToys TV

As the host of CoolToys TV and former live stage actor, Scott missed the feedback of the fans. While he couldn't take the fans everywhere he went to shoot CoolToys TV, the fans could still be there virtually..

If you live stream, you need to be a part of the Fan2Stage community today. Connect with your fans and let them connect with you and elevate your game.  Sign up now and see how much better your live stream is when you can hear your live audience.

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The OnStage system was a game changer for us at CoolToys TV. Once we realized we could stay connected with fans no matter where we were, we changed the entire show.

Scott Bourquin


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