The Fan2Stage Sports system is designed with the stadium in mind. With up to addressable audio and video zones, fans can cheer from the stands and even take sides. The patent pending Fan2Stage system lets the fan be heard even if he can’t be there.

Having an engineer in the booth press “cheer” or “applause” isn’t the same and the players know it. Players go to the next level when they know their fans are watching. When they get the live feedback from the fans, not from the booth, they’ll take their game to the next level.

Baseball Game

The psychology is simple for both the fan and the player. If you hear applause and no one is there, it isn’t real. The fans can watch a video game or a rerun of an old game and get more. When you hear applause and cheering from Fan2Stage fans, everyone knows the stakes are raised.

Fan2Stage can be set up for individual stadiums or teams and can be fully integrated with existing application for stream games. If your school, team or league organization would like to learn more make an appointment here and we’ll call you at your convenience or call us directly.