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Fan2Stage Mini Concert Photo Copyright 2018 Kelly Bourquin
Keep the music going with Fan2Stage

There is a truth to live performances. It doesn’t matter if it is music, theater, sports or worship. The energy of the crowd makes it better. Fan2Stage created a real Virtual Audience System. The Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System, or VAS, was built by performers for performers and fans. If you have a live show or event that has an audience, no matter where that audience is, the Fan2Stage systems will make it better without breaking the bank. It all started with a live show that tried to live stream and it just wasn’t the same. Not to be stopped by the lockdown the first F2S server was built.

The Fan2Stage system is a two way virtual reality platform platform based on that first F2S server and app. Fan2Stage is designed for entertainment venues, sports venues, home based entertainers, and theaters and soon Houses of Worship. Don’t lose fans or funds because of social distancing. Bring the Fans to your Stage with Fan2Stage systems.

Our systems are completely scalable starting with the cloud based F2S system for a dozen fans and growing into multi-zone dedicated systems capable of six figure audiences. Using a patent pending technology, the Fan2Stage system is very bandwidth efficient while still bringing all of the energy of the audience to the stage or field.

Live Made Better

As live shows return, your Fan2Stage system will help expand your reach by adding connected fans to the show. The F2S™ App’s and larger Fan2Stage™ Systems are scalable from 10 fans to 1,000,000 fans and possibly more.

When you can’t have a live audience in your venue, bring in their energy, feedback and even video so your entertainers get the feedback and perform their best. When you get your audience back, make it bigger, virtually with Fan2Stage. Performers and live streamed event managers can sign up for Live On Stage by clicking the logo. Fans can download the app at the app store for their device. You can click on the links below or search for “Live Fan Audience” in the app stores.

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Download Live Fan App
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