Fan2Stage for House Of Worship

Will Fan2Stage work for a House of Worship? Can your Church, Temple, or Synagogue use Fan2Stage? Yes

While we are working on a dedicated version of our Virtual Audience Server ® for the House of Worship Market Fan2Stage will work. We just realized there are not a lot of worshipers that really want to Boo, so that button will be replaced by an appropriate reaction.

Additionally the “tip” option will be changed to “give” or “donate” depending on the version. For now thank you for giving Fan2Stage a try.

NAMM Show 2024


Fan2Stage is a member of NAMM. Even though we started out trying to find a solution for comedians and talk shows, music is a big part of our lives. Music connects us across generations and magically erases our differences. The NAMM show is a place for everyone and anyone who loves music and we are proud to be part of the organization.

CoolToys TV® host Scott will be walking NAMM with Fan2Stage Pins and Stickers, find him and get free stuff. There will be a full update here after the show and maybe even a live spot on CoolToys TV.