FAQ and DIY Notes

aka Frequently Asked Questions and Do It Yourself notes.

We wrote the Frequently Asked Questions section so If you have questions about how Fan2Stage works, the equipment required or how it can make your show better, you can get the answers easily.

What is the best way to set up my studio? There are many ways to set up your studio, and we have tested many services, check out this article to get the better answer. One of the key things is to have speakers so that you can hear the applause during your show and you microphone picks it up to add that energy to the show. The size of the feedback speaker will depend on the size of the room. For most home studios, 8″ Monitors should be fine.

What is the difference between the Live Fan app and the Live On Stage app? The difference between the apps is the difference between being on stage and being in the audience. Live On Stage is the app for performers, sports teams, sports fields and religious leaders who want to hear what the audience thinks about the show. Live Fan is the app for fans who want to participate and be part of the show.

What Makes Fan2Stage Different? Fan2Stage was created by an actor with a long history in the Audio and Video business. He realized quickly that hearing the fans makes the show better. While filming CoolToys, the hosts tried to use chat boxes and Q&A windows but they just distracted the hosts instead of elevating the show. Fan2Stage was built to eliminate the distraction and build the show with the energy of the show with the audience. Fan2Stage is all of the fan energy virtually without the distraction of other virtual systems.

How Do I Sign Up For Fan2Stage As An Artist, Host or Sports Team? It is very easy, Lust click on Login and then Artist Login as if you already had an account. At the bottom is a sign up option. Fill out the form and you are ready to get your fans to download the free app and host a show.

So How Does The Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System work? The easiest way to explain it is with a video, so take a look at this explainer video.

What Live Stream System Does Live On Stage work with? Fan2Stage Live On Stage is a “bolt on” application. This means we have tested it with several live streaming systems. The limiting factor is bandwidth and Fan2Stage apps are made to be very bandwidth efficient.

What Plan Should I Choose? Experience indicates that about 25% of a live shows fans will get the app to participate in the audience. Your Sports teams will have a much higher percentage. If you get to your account limit, you will be notified.

Will Fans Be Cut Off If I Hit My Limit? No. We don’t want fans to miss your show, if you hit your limit you will get one show with automatic expansion to the next level. You will be notified at the end of the show so you can decide if you want to upgrade or lose those fans at the next show.

How Much Does It Cost? During the “Beta Launch” phase, prices are very low. There will always be a Believe it or not there is a free demo plan for up to 1000 fans per show. This way you can test it out and see if you like it. We think it is that good. Our home studio plan costs less than a cup of good coffee each month. With the latest version our prices dropped 50%. Most live streamed talk shows will still be under $200 a month. There are full custom options for sports stadiums and broadcast TV that include custom graphics and plans for venues that host dozens of different performers. Even in the “Free” plan, the performer receives 70% of the fees collected. That can go up to 95% on other plans.

Is the Live On Stage App Available World Wide? Currently the Live On Stage App is for US based artists and performers. Each country has its own set of rules and the more requests we get from each country and the more fans we see there, the higher priority that country will be. Canada, Mexico, the UK and the EU are all currently in the works. With the Spanish version for Mexico, we will also open up more of South America.

If I Run Youth Sports Do I Sign Up As An “Artist”. Yes! Originally we build the Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System for musicians and talk shows. Our original plan for sports teams was that they would be using their own server. As we have improved the cloud services and found that even very small teams have webcams, we tweaked the systems and repriced it so that every youth sports team with a web cam could afford to use Fan2Stage Live On Stage so their fans could cheer with the Live Fan Audience app. At some point we will split off sports and migrate to the Fan2Field platform.

Are there some Live Stream Services that are better than others? Yes, there are and you should experiment with them. While we like Twitch, the latency delay, meaning the time from when you talk until the fans see it is as high as 120 seconds. That is two minutes from the time you say something until they hear it. If they clap it takes another 2 seconds for you to hear the clap so it doesn’t really work. When we find a live stream system that has updated to chunked CMAP and is faster we will let you know in the Tech Notes section.

Of course the frequently asked questions can’t answer all the questions, keep asking, and we’ll keep answering!