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If you want to learn more about the The Fan2Stage® Virtual Audience Systems (VAS), here are the highlights. The VAS system brings back the real energy and feedback of a live audience to events of any size from 5 people watching a livestream from a home studio to thousands watching their favorite sport teams, talk shows and comedians.

Cloud Based Options

The F2S.Live system is cloud based for artists working from small studios or even at home. For less than a latte, you can get real feedback for your live streamed shows. The F2S cloud based system can be used with a web interface or the Live Fan app and Live On Stage app.

The Live On Stage App – This app lets the performer hear the feedback from the artist through the speakers on a tablet or mobile device. Simply using larger external speakers that the in studio microphone can pick up allows the fans to hear that feedback as part of the show. This isn’t a guy in the booth pushing the “cheer” button, this is real fan feed back from remote fans. A truly virtual audience experience that helps every performer perform better..

The Live Fan App – Fans use this app on any mobile device that runs on android or iOS. Fans cheer, clap, whistle, boo, aw, and laugh with the Live Fan app. Those inputs from all of the apps logged into the show are sent to our servers. The servers compile the inputs and the virtual audience response plays for the performer. The performer uses either on the web interface or the Live On Stage app to hear the feedback.

Hardware Solutions

On Stage Home PC. – A PC, preloaded with everything you need to livestream on your favorite service and add the Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System to your show. Perfect for home studios and smaller venues not equipped with broadcast equipment. This PC works with the Live On Stage web version of the F2S Cloud System.

The Fan2Stage VAS server. The VAS server is designed for larger shows and venues with broadcast grade production capabilities. These servers also offer several customization options including audio zones and screen designs. Your fans can cheer from a specific seating area with the optional zoned audio output and multiple camera positions can put the fans in that same area. This is a private server based version of the same system we use in the cloud based F2S.Live system. The Audio can be tailored to your venue using recordings from your venue as one of your customizations. Our Engineers can tailor the Ambiance Audio and Fan Feedback Audio to fit different event types.

Fan2Stage is tested to work with the following platforms for live video:

Facebook – High latency

Coming Soon – Twitch

Other platforms may work as well however we have not tested them if they are not listed.

If your production would like to learn more about adding a Fan2Stage® Virtual Audience system or you would like to get a test account for another video streaming service, please call us or fill out the information below and someone will get back to you within 1 business day. Our office hours are Tues-Sat 7-4 PST.

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