Live On Stage and Live Fan App by Fan2Stage®

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Live Fan and Live On Stage are part of the F2S is the Cloud based Virtual Audience System by Fan2Stage Ltd. In order to run the Virtual Audience Servers in the cloud, Two new apps were created. These two new apps are now available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you have the older versions of the F2S app, the Sunset was 12/31/2023.

Live On Stage is for people that host live shows. Talk Show hosts, musicians, comedians and anyone that livestreams needs the Live On Stage App to stay connected with fans without being distracted.

Live Fan is the companion app that allows you the fan not only to watch a live streamed show, but log in and let your favorite up and coming artists, entertainers and athletes know that you are with them even with social distancing. You can send claps, laughs, whistles, boos and cheers with a simple press of a button, Learn more at the F2S Website.

When artists host a free online show, sometimes they can see how many people log in. Our experience is that watching the numbers takes away from the show. Instead, artists who have the fan2stage Server App can hear you applaud, laugh and cheer for them while they are putting on the show. But you need the F2S App to do that.

It’s about feedback!

Being an artist, entertainer or athlete is all about entertaining and engaging fans. As a fan your part of the show is just as important! If you’ve seen anything with no one in the audience, the show isn’t the same. The artists need the energy of the audience to help them be their best. The Live Fan app lets you be a real part of the show virtually anywhere you can watch a live stream.

With Fan2Stage you don’t have to be at a live event for them to feel and hear your support. Your energy brings out the best and with the Fan2Stage virtual reality experience they feel YOUR energy. Don’t just watch the show, energize the show with your F2S App.

Find The Best, Support New Artists

Support the artists you love and find new up and coming artists with Fan2Stage. Look for the app soon on Google Play and the Apple App Store! With the F2S App, you can get notifications when your favorite artists release new videos or schedule new shows. You’ll also get our staff pick favorites to help you stay in the know without sifting through the online video jungle.

Live Fan is now Available for Android Devices on the Google Play Store, and the iOS app is available at the Apple App Store. You can also log in to search and book events on your computer, but we recommend using the Live Fan apps on mobile devices for the best experience.

OnStage for Performers

Currently OnStage only works on the desktop version by logging in as an artist at the top of he screen. It works well on iPads and Android tablets running the chrome browser. The native mobile version is in the works.