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The Fan2Stage Newsroom has links for media and our press packs for any one who wants to know more about Fan2Stage and the Virtual Audience System. Our cloud based apps are available at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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  • Fan2Stage ® – Because Fans Are Everywhere

    The lesson we learned during the pandemic is that fans are hungry and fans are everywhere, but we couldn’t hear them. More importantly, we wanted to hear them. Even when they couldn’t make it to the show they were hungry for live content. But live isn’t the same without feedback from the audience. So we…

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  • Fan2Stage Equipment Test – OBS and Stream Deck

    Fan2Stage Equipment Test – OBS and Stream Deck

    This test of OBS and Stream Deck is one of the series in which we test different live stream configurations. We test how well they work with Fan2Stage and the OnStage system for Live Streaming. If you want to start a live stream or live podcast check out all of our tests so you can…

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  • NAMM Show 2024

    #NAMMShow Fan2Stage is a member of NAMM. Even though we started out trying to find a solution for comedians and talk shows, music is a big part of our lives. Music connects us across generations and magically erases our differences. The NAMM show is a place for everyone and anyone who loves music and we…

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  • Getting Interrupted? Get a LED Sign!

    Get an LED Sign for your podcast. While Cruising NAMM we found a lot of very CoolToys for podcasters and live streamers. One essential item was these LED Signs from American Recorder. Every podcaster and live streamer has someone that interrupts them and now you can turn on your cool sign and hopefully they can…

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