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OnStage App for Performers Coming Soon

Laptop too bulky for all of your live events? OnStage for performers will soon be an app!

Less Is More

When you said “Less is more”, we listened. A new compact version of the OnStage app for performers is being made for native use on mobile devices. Originally we planned for the performer app to be used in home studios. The idea was that you would have a computer in your home studio for live streaming already and you could just log in and go.

That was then, this is now. Time change quickly and so we are changing with them. The current version of the Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System does work just fine on mobile tablets, however you asked for a native mobile app so we are working on it. If you want to be a beta tester, make sure you get an account as a performer on Fan2Stage.com.

Mobile On The Go.

Today a Live Stream can happen anywhere and on more platforms than ever. With OnStage®, our new mobile app, you can get feedback from a live audience anywhere, and all you need is your phone. Of course at Fan2Stage we aren’t judgy so we are working on both an Android and an Apple iOS version.

One thing is that you may need a headphone jack if you are going to plug into any house system or PA system to hear your fans louder. If you are solo you can use headphones to hear your fans too.

Beta Testers Wanted

If you are a live stream performer interested in beta testing the new OnStage App, please sign up as an artist and drop us a note to support. You’ll get the premium plan for a year free.