TV Studio

The Fan2Stage TV Studio System is designed to bring the audience back into a show that is (or was) filmed in front of a live studio audience. With limited access and watermarks to insure the integrity of the show, fans can be there for the artists, entertainers and athletes. Get the feel of a live studio back even if the live audience isn’t back.

Any Venue that has a regularly scheduled show, can private label the app or be added to the Fan2Stage system. Don’t let your show get boring, we all need an audience! When you fill the seats again, Fan2Stage lets you go one further and create a bigger audience, virtually. The hosted systems offer watermarks and limited access so you can control the number of fans that join the show and maintain the integrity of the show if it is recorded live and aired at a later time.

If you are interested in discussing a Private Brand Fan2Stage System, please call us, or schedule an appointment here when it is best to call you.

Private Brand

Designed for Broadcast Networks, Streaming Services and Sports Leagues, the Private Brand Fan2Stage System lets you control the experience even more. The Private Brand System allows for multiple events to be scheduled and the number of fans is scalable depending on your needs.

With Fan2Stage Private Brand, you can integrate the features of the Fan Feedback App into your current apps and connect to dedicated VAS servers. Your fans information is never shared or displayed outside of your Private Brand system.

Private Brand Features:

Zoned Audio – Make the Audio Match the Camera Angle and Seats
Custom App Logo – Your fans can see your logo, your colors.
Private Database – You can maintain the data or we can manage it for you remotely on your server.
Integrated With Video Feed – The private brand software can be programmed to be visible within your video feed.

If you are interested in discussing a Private Brand Fan2Stage System, please call us, or schedule an appointment here when it is best to call you.