New Year, New Fan2Stage

Yes Virginia there is a new Fan2Stage coming

While we have been very pleased with the performance of Fan2Stage you told us you wanted more. So we are giving it to you. Version 2 is in the works with a new look, and a dark theme. Fans told us the original version was “too bright” with the white background if they were watching a show. We get it, no one wants to see a concert with all the lights on. Bad on us for not figuring that out first, good on you that told us to fix it.

Building a virtual audience system isn’t easy. Without the audience, there is no virtual system is there? Thanks to the fans that gave it a shot when we first started, we now have a better virtual audience system on the way.

That isn’t the only change. With the new release there will be an option for artists to charge for events or receive tips from the fans. We know that if you aren’t getting paid, entertaining is a very expensive hobby.

The new logo is already here on the site, and when you see the next update in the app stores, it will have the new logo.

Fan2Stage Icon
Fan2Stage V 2.0 Logo

The biggest news is that we are expanding F2S, the cloud based version so any single zone show can use it for up to 10,000 fans. This way you can pay by the show, the month or get your own server, even with a larger fan base.

With 2021, we hope live shows are back. But if you are still in your car for a rock concert or at home for the comedy show, let them know you like the show with Fan2Stage!

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