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Live On Stage App Is In Beta!

Live On Stage is for people that host live shows. Talk Show hosts, musicians, comedians and anyone that livestreams needs the Live On Stage to stay connected with fans without being distracted.

In addition to the web based version for home studios with a laptop or desktop we are building the mobile version for tablets and phones. Never miss out on your fans reactions in your live streams. When your fans are cheering you on, you can hear it and feel it just like they were there with you. This isn’t an applause track run by a computer, this is an audience feedback system run by your fans. Coming soon, the Live On Stage App by Fan2Stage.

We all know that the fans add the energy that performers need to achieve their best. Don’t get left in the quiet during your show. Bring your fans back to the show even if they are in another city, another state and maybe even another country. Your fans can cheer and even tip at the end of the show with the Live Fan app when you use the Live On Stage app. CoolToys TV has been using the system on all of the new podcasts, shouldn’t you?

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OnStage App for Performers Coming Soon

Laptop too bulky for all of your live events? OnStage for performers will soon be an app!

Less Is More

When you said “Less is more”, we listened. A new compact version of the OnStage app for performers is being made for native use on mobile devices. Originally we planned for the performer app to be used in home studios. The idea was that you would have a computer in your home studio for live streaming already and you could just log in and go.

That was then, this is now. Time change quickly and so we are changing with them. The current version of the Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System does work just fine on mobile tablets, however you asked for a native mobile app so we are working on it. If you want to be a beta tester, make sure you get an account as a performer on Fan2Stage.com.

Mobile On The Go.

Today a Live Stream can happen anywhere and on more platforms than ever. With OnStage®, our new mobile app, you can get feedback from a live audience anywhere, and all you need is your phone. Of course at Fan2Stage we aren’t judgy so we are working on both an Android and an Apple iOS version.

One thing is that you may need a headphone jack if you are going to plug into any house system or PA system to hear your fans louder. If you are solo you can use headphones to hear your fans too.

Beta Testers Wanted

If you are a live stream performer interested in beta testing the new OnStage App, please sign up as an artist and drop us a note to support. You’ll get the premium plan for a year free.

CoolToys ® Live on TikTok?

CoolToys ® Live on TikTok?

CoolToys will be adding Live shows on TikTok soon.

As Fan2Stage joined Tik Tok so did CoolToysTV. Host Scott figured if TIKTOK is going live then he needed to be there. We figured we needed to test it. We’ll post tips tricks and latency issues as soon as we get it tested. For now we will have some quick videos about how to use the Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System to make your live shows better and how you as a fan can be more engaged.

As always we will be testing the latency of the TikTok live streams and how we can integrate the fan feedback to your TikTok feed. Stay tuned for more soon!

Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Engagement

In the ever-evolving world of social media, TikTok has become a powerhouse for creators and brands alike. Going live on TikTok is not just about streaming content; it’s an opportunity to connect with your audience in real-time, create genuine interactions, and build your community. The same can be said for many other live stream platforms as well.

Why Go Live?

Instant Connection: Live streaming allows you to interact with your followers instantly. With the Fan2Stage OnStage app you can give the power of applause, laughter, cheering and more to your fans. You get realtime feedback that you and your fans can hear without getting distracted from the show.

Boost Visibility: TikTok’s algorithm tends to favor live content, giving your profile a chance to be discovered by new viewers.

Show Authenticity: Going live removes the often polished veneer of pre-recorded content. It allows your audience to see a more authentic side of you or your brand.

Drive Engagement: Live sessions with Fan2Stage are interactive. Prompting users to participate can significantly increase engagement.

Before You Go Live

  • Check Eligibility: Most of the free and many paid live streaming services have some eligibility restrictions, such as having a certain number of followers and being over a certain age.
  • Plan Your Content: While spontaneity is a key element of going live, having a rough plan can help guide the broadcast. Just like radio, dead air on a live stream loses fans.
  • Promote Your Live: Announce your live session in advance through your favorite social media platforms to gather a larger audience.
  • Prepare Your Environment: Find a quiet, well-lit place to go live to ensure a high-quality stream.

During Your Live Session

  • Engage With Your Viewers: Use the Fan2Stage Virtual Audience System to connect with your fans.
  • Use Features: Live Stream services like YouTube, Facebook and TikTok has live features such as filters, Q&A boxes, and the ability to feature comments. These can make your live stream more interactive but can also be a distraction if you aren’t careful. That is why Fan2Stage is about realtime feedback and fan energy and nothing else.
  • Collaborate with Others: Consider going live with another TikTok creator to tap into their audience and add another dynamic to your content.

After Going Live

  • Analyze Your Performance: Review how your live session performed. Look at viewer count, engagement, and any revenue if you utilized TikTok’s monetization features.
  • Follow Up: Post highlights or a thank-you message to your TikTok and other social media accounts to maintain engagement and give a glimpse of what users missed.
  • Evaluate and Adapt: Reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and adjust your strategy for next time.

Going live can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. It’s a way to deepen the relationship with your audience and showcase the unfiltered reality behind your content. With preparation, authenticity, and engagement, your live streams can become a vital part of your social media presence.

Getting Ready for NAMM

Getting Ready for NAMM

At the end of January one of the biggest shows for the business side of the business is happening. Just across the street from Disneyland at the Anaheim convention center will be the NAMM show. We will be there, will you?

Gear Matters

While we built Fan2Stage to work with just about any type of live streaming or podcasting setup, we’ve learned that some like Twitch have big delays that just don’t really work if you want a truly live response from your audience. We are going to NAMM to see if there is any new gear there and connect with the companies that make the gear we use in the Fan2Stage and CoolToys TV Studios.

While building the Fan2Stage system and the F2s.Live servers we want to be able to run the entire process on mobile devices, and the good news is you can. As with all things in the entertainment business there can also be a better way. Currently we use several systems in our studios because we are always testing. The minimum system for the OnStage performer we recommend is a good Android Tablet or iPad. From there, OBS, Black Magic, Roku, Stream Deck and Canon Cameras are all over our studios.

It’s about the Show

Everything we do at Fan2Stage is focused on making the show better. Just because fans have to stay home or you want to host a live show from the beach in Bali, it doesn’t mean you can’t connect. The whole idea of Fan2Stage is to keep the fans and performers connected. Without the human connection, what is the point. Aren’t you just talking to a camera? When the fans are more engaged you are more engaged.

Fan2Stage, a simple solution so that there is A Live Audience for Any Stage.

Live Fans For Every Stage ™

Live Fans For Every Stage ™

When we started trying to solve the problem of bringing a live audience to live streaming, we realized there is more. What we were really doing was building a pathway of Live Fans For Every Stage.

Performers need live fans

One of the great truths of human performance is that it is elevated by fan energy. It doesn’t matter if you are a comedian, musician or athlete. The roar of the crowd as Foreigner called it in their hit “Juke Box Hero” is something every performer dreams of. Now they can have it on every stage.

Late night talk show host Steven Colbert lamented how he “missed the laughter of the fans” during is lockdown at home shows. The interesting part is that the fans missed the laughter too. Laughing alone at home and not hearing others laugh isn’t nearly as fun or therapeutic. We all need a good therapeutic laugh, isn’t that why we watch comedy?

Live Fans Need Each Other

Sitting alone at home cheering on your favorite sports team isn’t as fun as cheering them on with friends. Fan2Stage lets you see and hear the reactions of other fans no matter where they are or where the game is. Just like live fans can elevate the performance of the show or the game, live fans also elevate each other.

With Fan2Stage you can watch an event on a train and cheer quietly without disturbing others or you can host a game party and everyone can cheer on the team.

Going To NAMM?

If you are going to be at NAMM this year, our founder will be wandering the aisles once again. For the first time he won’t be there working for another company. If you see him wearing a Fan2Stage Jacket, stop him and say hello. He’ll have free Fan2Stage Stickers to hand out and maybe some other goodies. NAMM runs Jan 25-28th 2024.

Fan2Stage 2.0

Fan2Stage 2.0

For the past 24 months we have been working hard on the latest version of Fan2Stage, Fan2Stage 2.0

What Does This Mean To You?

Fan2Stage 2.0 is a complete revamp of the main website and the user apps. As of now we only have an app for fans, LiveFan and it will be available on the app stores shortly. For everyone, logging into Fan2Stage.com will be the same.

Our new servers are faster which reduces latency delay for your shows. Less delay keeps the show more real and most importantly more live. One of the biggest challenges we had with our former servers was that the delay was up to 4 seconds, added to the delay of video streaming services and for comics and other non musical performers it was honestly buzzkill.

CMAF Was Step 1

As we noted last year, the introduction of CMAF was a huge step in live stream video. Since everyone agreed on a single streaming video solution, the delay times of streaming services dropped from a high of 90 seconds (Facebook) to almost zero on many services.

Last year we tested the speed of video services to see which service worked best for our artists and performers. We will be revisiting those tests in the coming weeks and creating a new list so you know how to keep your show truly live.

Account Transfer and Server Move.

Over the New Years Holiday weekend we are migrating to the new servers and on January 1st 2024 only the Fan2Stage Version 2.0 servers will be available. All existing artist accounts will be migrated over the weekend. New event registration will be unavailable during that time.

While you are waiting for the new live fan mobile app, all of the features of the new versions will be available on the web app starting January 1st 2024. The back end of Fan2Field is now also complete so look for that to launch in the spring just in time for your kids little league games.

We look forward to seeing you at the show with Fan2Stage 2.0.

Fan2Stage 2.0a Screenshot

Fan2Stage helps start LSPANA

Fan2Stage is proud to be a founding sponsor and partner of LSPANA. Pronounced El-Spana, LSPANA was founded to create a common place for live streaming artists and vendors to share ideas and problems to move the live streaming world forward.

Live streaming exploded during the pandemic and has continued to grow at double digit rates. When we were approached with the idea of a specialized industry association focused only on Live Streaming, we knew that now was the right time. With LSPANA you will get coverage of the latest gear and techniques to make your live streaming events better than ever. With giant flat screen TV’s in almost every home, why make your fans sweat in traffic when they can join you live from anywhere?

Even if you have a small exclusive audience you can expand your shows reach by using Fan2Stage and other live stream technologies to create a super show. Live Stream and live shows, the best of both? If you live stream consider joining LSPANA today.

Fan2Stage 2.0a Screenshot

Try The New Fan2Stage 2.0a!

For the past year we have been working on the next version of Fan2Stage®. There are several significant improvements in overall performance and the fan experience. The Alpha release is currently in testing and you can give it a try.

The Small Screen Gets Bigger.

One of the trends over the past couple of years is that mobile device screens have gotten bigger. With the Fan2Stage 2.0a both the artist and the fan can display the video stream on the same screen as the input buttons. Now you can take the show every where you go. We could only do this with the introduction of Chunked CMAF.

For the artists side that means that you can use a single device, mobile, laptop or desktop workstation to host a show. No need to have your phone plugged in next to your computer to make it work. This also expands the places that Fan2Stage can go and where you can host or be part of a show.

Better Servers = Better Service

We have also made a major upgrade to our servers as we prepare to split out the sports version, Fan2Field. While sports events are also shows, they have different requirements so they are getting their own servers this Spring. Our new servers are based in the US and Europe to get them closer to your show and make them faster.

There are also some new features. Instead of only getting a tip at the end of the show artists can now sell tickets to the show. We are working with video streaming services to create private shows that can only be accessed by paying fans. Look for that feature soon. No more hoping for a few pennies from ads. Artists can always record the shows and post them for ad revenue later but that just isn’t the same as live and we all know it. That is why we created Fan2Stage in the first place.

If you want to sign up and take a sneak peak at Fan2Stage 2.0a and join the next episode of CoolToys®, click here to sign up as a fan and be the first to get the new Fan2Stage LiveFan® App. I look forward to hearing from you at the show.


Support live music with the Live Fan App by Fan2Stage

Support Live Music – From Home?

Live Music is something that brings us all together.  After a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio, I realized how much of an impact live music has on our lives.  With the introduction of high speed internet and video live streaming, live music can happen anywhere any time.  The problem is that live-streaming a show, isn’t the same as a live show. Now you can be a part of the show and support live music even from home.

An artist or performer can use a meeting program and see a bunch of tiny faces on the screen and get distracted by the chat boxes, hand raising or funny emoji’s or you can get Fan2Stage. Fan2Stage supports live music because the performers hear real cheering from real fans without distracting little screens.  How does it work?  Simple.  After building a profile and posting a link to your show on your socials, your fans start the connection.  All you need is an android or apple mobile device with an audio out connector.  Basically a headphone jack or adapter.  

The headphone jack plugs into your soundboard, speakers or however you want to hear the fans and voila, you have a live audience in the room with you.  

How Do You Hear The Fans?

The fans at the other end watching your show on a smart TV, computer or even a tablet simply use the Fan2Stage® Live Fan® app to connect to the show.  With the app they have six reactions, clap, cheer, boo, whistle, aww and laugh.  As they press the buttons faster and harder your live audience sounds grow exactly the same way they would if the fans were in the room with you.  No tiny faces on the screens and no chat boxes to try and read that distract you from the show.  Just real fan feedback that you need to be your best.

If you live stream, don’t do it without Fan2Stage.  Sign up for free and make your show truly alive! If you are a fan and want to support live music, download the LiveFan App and let your favorite live-streaming performers know you want them to hear you cheer!

Live Fans, Virtual Events

Have you ever been playing a game and wished someone was there to cheer you on. Have you ever sat in front of a screen watching a show or a game and wished they could hear you cheer? Now you can.

The original virtual audience system by Fan2Stage changes the game of live streaming and live events. Now you can host and event anywhere and really connect with fans. With Fan2Stage you aren’t looking at a bunch of tiny squares on the screen. Instead you get real live feed back from your audience.

Better for Fans Too!

Fans get the advantage of being able to cheer through the live fan app. Just like a live audience, they can clap, whistle, cheer, and yes we even let them “boo”. For live music, comedy and sports there is no better way for the fans to let you know how they think you are doing. They watch online from anywhere and use the Live Fan app on a mobile phone, tablet or computer to cheer just like they would if they were there.

This isn’t fake piped in laugh tracks and clap tracks, this is real live audience feedback you can’t get any other way. You can try and look at dozens of little faces on the screen, but all that does is distract you and the audience. We know because we tried, and that is why we created Fan2Stage.

Better Live Streams with a Live Audience.

Everyone knows the reason that live sports and live theater need an audience is that it elevates the performer and the performance. When you get an audience involved with Fan2Stage, they help you play and perform better. It is just how we are wired to work. We need that live energy from real people to get motivated to go to the next level.

Advanced studio versions allow for fans to view from different sections and compete or cheer as a group. A simple multi-camera set up allows you to divide your audience however you would like. If you want to put on a better show, get Fan2Stage and take your live stream show to the next level and be truly live.